Friday, May 18, 2007

Your Mutha'

Remember the heady era of the "welfare mother"? You know, that entitled bitch who continued to spawn with the express purpose getting a bigger payoff? Just think! Some people were getting money for doing nothing but sitting on their asses and increasing their brood!

Do you recall the anger, the resentment, the gnashing of teeth?

Well, if you think about it, we've got a hell of a Welfare Mother on our hands these days. I like to call her the United States government. Feel free to call her whatever you'd like.

We've got bureaus of this and departments of that. Commissions to oversee the administration of associations. And don't forget the Department of Homeland Security! None of it comes cheap. Still, like the much-maligned welfare mother of the '90s, it just keeps replicating. And needing ever-increasing amounts of money for sustenance, maintenance, and circumstance. It's a real sponge-o-rama, by any definition.

Your tax dollars at work, people.

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